Strong 1: (story about 1D)

We got into the club, me and casey , there was a lot of people like every friday night that we come , i love this club so mach because it like karaoke club that every one can sing even if he the worst singer, today at the first time i sing , usually casey sing , every one say i have a beautiful voice , but i think i have nice voice …. Not more !
“God luck Amber! “
casey said to me and give me hug , i gat one stage and i started to sing

-Harry’s pov-
We got into the club , this is the first time we came to here , we hard a lot about this place , no one notice that we got into the club because some girls singing , she sing the song ‘best song ever’ besides that she have beautiful voice she looks like a model , she is thin but not to mach exactly like i love , she have brown wavy hair and perfect grey eyes , she have three helix and little sol key tattoo, ok I’m totally gonna fuck her !

-Liam’s pov-
We saw some girl sing ‘best song ever’ wow , she is so sexy and pretty and the way she move her hips according the music makes her look so hot ! and i can see in her smile that she is not like the other girls , she is different and i love it .

-Amber’s pov -
After i sing every one clap hands for me , i got down from the stage and some boy came to me “Hi girl want to dance?”
He flirt with me , i hate when boys flirt with me !
I said to him , after he went another boy came to me
“Hi pretty girl , sup?”
He flirt with me too “No good ,cause you talking with me”i said , yea i knew i can be a bitch sometimes but it’s only because i hate when boys flirt with me , i go to the bar and before i sit one one of the chairs some boy came to me , dum with this boys i have tired from boys that flirt with me
“Can i order you something to drink?”
He said
I said angry ,
“Joey give me something to drink!”
I said urgently to the barman , and he gave me alcohol and i drink this quick and i felt the burning in my throat

"Hi babe "
i hear a deep voice
“I have tired that boys flirt with me , so no i’m not going to give you my phone “
i said and turn around and i saw the last boy in earth that i thought that i see , it was harry styles , i know is hot but not like this , omg he so hot! I bite my lips , cause that what i do when i see very hot boy ! I don’t control on this , he looked on my body and i on his perfect green eyes

"The fact that you harry styles not gonna help you get my phone "
i told him , yea he’s hot but from the way that he looks on my body he only wants to fuck me
“I don’t want your phone i want his number ”
he said dum i hate when boys don’t live me alone after i said to them pretty clear that they not gonna get my number , i turn around hope that he will live me alone

"You singing amazing"
he said”You not gonna live alone right ?”
I said to him , but i already know the answer
“No till you give me your number”
he said
“Well this will happen never!”
I said and went to the toilet and my head was down toward the floor, and then i felt a blow in

my head i pot my hand on my head and i lift my head to see who his it , OMG i can’t believe this is who i think
he said and i stand frozen
“I’m Liam” he said and smile, yea he is Liam Payne I drop my hand down , I don’t know why but something on his smile and look was different , it seems like he see on me more than just ‘pretty girl’
“Yea i know , I’m Amber” I said to him and smiled
“I go to dance , i will love if you come too” he said
“Maybe later , tanks ” i said

"Hahahahahaha OMG !!!! I met one direction they are so hot!!! " Casey said to me excited
And i smiled to her
“So .. What with you? How many guys flirt with you tonight ?” She asked me
“Five” i said
“Five?!? even for you it’s a lot , well there is some cute boys?” She said
“Just some three annoying boys and……. Harry Styles and Liam Payne” i said
“Harry and Liam flirt with you?!?” She yelled and someone just finish to sing and there was quiet so every one in the club hear her and looked on me , I look on harry and liam and they look on each other like ‘she’s mine ’ ho no , did i just incite between Liam and Harry?!?
I go to them to explain them that i’m not gonna date with one of them , i broke up from jake before a week i can’t date with someone now
“Hi boys , well i not gonna date with one of you, i broke up from my ex boyfriend and i can’t date with someone now , sorry” i said them , i feel bad for them but is not like i’m gonna see them again …

A/N: this is my first story here please tell me if you like it and i’ll continue ;)